Ceilidh (KAY-lee), n., [Gaelic, Scot.; Irish sp.:ceili]. 1. Informal party with lively music, singing and dancing. 2. Celtic fun and shenanigans.

The Blackthorn Ceilidh Band of Rochester, New York, draws its music from the traditional celtic repertoire of Ireland and Scotland as well as from Canada and New England. Blackthorn artfully combines the strong ceili dance style that Frank Murphy brought with him from County Mayo, Ireland, with music Ted McGraw learned as he grew up in Rochester's Irish community. Here, fiddles, accordions, banjo, pennywhistle, and singing combine in a variety of tunes, including older ballads and airs and more recent popular music hall selections. Whether listening, singing, or dancing, we hope you'll enjoy them with us!

The Blackthorn Ceilidh Band has the following cassette tape available,

Traditional Irish and Scottish Songs, Tunes and Dances.

To purchase a copy, please contact Dick Bolt

Music Samples
  Track Name Real Player Windows Media Player MP3 Audio
A Maureen from Gibberland/Napoleon Crossing the Rhine Listen Listen Listen

The Feller from Fortune, Steamboat Quickstep

  The Lakes of Sligo, The Barren Rocks of Aden Listen Listen Listen
  Oh My! Jock MacKay Listen Listen Listen
  The Frost is All Over/Shandon Bells Listen Listen Listen
  Delaney's Chicken     Listen
  The Cliff/Honeysuckle      
  The Verdant Braes o' Skreen      
B O'Neill's March/O'Donal Abu      
  The Rocky Road to Dublin      
  The Three Flowers/The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow/Moonlight In Mayo      
  The Salley Gardens      
  The Wedding of Laughie McGraw      
  Miss Monaghan's Reel/The Maid Behind the Bar      
  The Muckin' o'Geordie's Byre/The Cock o'the North      
  Muisheen Durkin      

©Blackthorn Ceilidh Band 1986


Dick Bolt-piano, fiddle, harp, vocals
Mike Leach-banjo, pennywhistle, wooden flute, guitar, vocals
Ted McGraw-button accordion, anglo concertina, vocals
Frank Murphy-button accordion, vocals

Bodie - spoons & verve
Mike Plouffe - snare drum. drums, woodblock
Christopher Para - bodhran: viola (on The Verdant Braes o'Skreen)
Anne Hensler - flute (on 0 My! Jock MacKay and The Verdant Braes o Skreen)
Eric Rounds - fiddle (on Maureen From Gibberland/Napoleon Crossing the Rhine and The Lakes of Sligo/The Barren Rocks of Aden)

Arranged and Directed by Dick Bolt
Produced by Blackthorn and Dick Bolt
Engineer: Steve Forney
Recorded at PCI Studios. Rochester, N.Y.: 1985-1986
Design and Art Direction: Sandra Barrett
Editing advice: Chris Pulleyn

© 2006 Dick Bolt. Reproduction prohibited without express written consent of the author.
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